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   This web page has been set up by "Tha Poocher"to promote poetry, songs and stories in the Ulster Scots Language  (Ullans)that is still spoken in many parts of Counties, Antrim, Down, Londonderry/Derry and Donegal. It is simple to read, just scroll down the page and enjoy this forgotten part of the Heritage of Northern Ireland .

Thes wab page hes bain pit thagither bae " Tha Poocher" tae pit forrit tha Ulster Scots leid thaut  es spake in mony pairts o'  tha coonties o' Enthrim, Doon,Londonderry/Derry an Donegal.
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Get up af that fleer an get yer breeks oan,
Yer ginnae bae late fer scuil.
Wullie frae tha Brae.   (11/12/04)

By James McIlfatrick.

Now Wee Willie John that lived o'er the way,
Wuz up ivery mornin' at the "screigh" 0' day,
Then tae the barn when he got his tay,
Fur a daily brash 0' flailin'.

Boys wee Willie John fairly birled it roun'
The han' staff spun, as the soople cum down,
The thumpety thump fur miles did soun',
In that daily brash 0' flailin'.

Willie John's wife wuz from ovir the moss,
A rough big lump, that they sayed wuz cross,
There wazn't a doubt she wuz boss,
No wunthir he tuk tae flailin'.

Come the fall 0' the year, at the big Hallow fair ,
Wee Willie John an' his cronies wur there;
He'd finish the day, goin' on the "tare",
Landin' home tae get a good flailin'.

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